Meltdown and Spectre: CPU Security Flaws

  New Major CPU Security Flaws Earlier this week, computer security experts announced the discovery of two major security flaws found in the processors of most of the world’s computers, smartphones, and cloud servers. These flaws affect nearly every processor manufactured by Intel since 1995. These defects encompass all modern processors capable of a performance…

To Cloud or Not to Cloud

For the past few years, the term “The Cloud” has become a huge selling point in the IT business. Everywhere you look you will see an advertisement for going to “The Cloud”.  Whether it’s simply storing data in the cloud or running your ERP software in the cloud, we here at West County Net get…

World Password Day 2016: May 5th

More and more, accessing personal information via a website or app isn’t just becoming commonplace; it’s becoming a part of our culture.

Apple QuickTime Patching Stops

Apple will no longer be issuing security patches for QuickTime on Windows computers.

Locky Ransomware

A new variant of ransomware called Locky can encrypt your files and hold them ransom until payment is delivered. Learn more from IT experts West County Net!

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Removal

This past year, a particularly nasty malware infection known as TeslaCrypt has come into the spotlight. If you’re infected, there are steps to take before paying the ransom!

Microsoft Patch KB 3114409 Issues

Microsoft issued an update for Outlook 2010 on Tuesday, December, 8, which was supposed to fix a set of issues, including preventing the program from mistakenly entering safe mode on startup.

Flash Vulnerability

Adobe Flash is once again broken and vulnerable to virus attacks. PROTECT YOUR FILES Mozilla is temporarily blocking Adobe Flash from their web browser, Firefox. Any content that requires Flash to work will be disabled by default. You might see warnings that flash is out of date or blocked. Currently, no fix is available from…

CryptoWall Removal & Prevention Guide

Getting infected with CryptoWall can be a very scary, damaging, and even costly experience. If you’re infected, West County can help.

The Windows 10 Upgrade Complete Guide

When does Windows 10 come out? Windows 10 launches on July 29th, 2015 and will remain a free upgrade until July 29th, 2016. If you’re already running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you may have noticed the notifications prompting you to reserve your copy of Windows 10. Once you reserve, Microsoft will download the necessary…